Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Met Greg Horn Today

Gorgeous portrait of PsylockeLet's take a turn and talk a little about comic art, a topic dear to my heart but one which I haven't had much chance to discuss here.

I went to the NY Comic Con for the first time today and am still sort of reeling. So much going on all at once! But it was very fun, despite feeling pretty unorganized. One of the highlights was meeting Greg Horn, one of my favourite comic book cover artists. He was so nice! Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to get a personal sketch drawn because I was partying with Joss Whedon. Le sigh, priorities.

He signed my issue of Emma Frost #14, an excellent but short-lived series through which he first came to my attention.

I purchased this print, which he signed as well! And he showed me pictures of his son!

His work is just so stunning, incorporating fantastic angles and posing for really eye-catching pieces. Any comic with his image on the cover is instantly something I'd like to read. He works in an impressive near-photo-realism uncommon to the over-the-top genre. He seems to often drift into made-for-pinup mode and characters, but that's cool considering his main audience. Check out some images I dig below, and be sure to keep an eye on his website. He updates it pretty frequently with images and commentary about his process as well as personal news.

He did a cover for one of my favourite series ever, Mystique (the first issue of which I searched tirelessly and fruitlessly for while I was there).

He's known for the numerous Elektra covers he's done. A lot of tactful maneuvering to avoid showing her bare behind.

Invisible Woman Skrull
Dr. Doom is totally a Skrull!More recently, he did a series of promo images for Secret Invasion, with a bunch of popular Marvel characters turning into Skrulls. Badass.

I don't even know what this is from but damn if it isn't an awesome image to end with.

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