Monday, October 6, 2008

Blog Personality: Julie

Hello! I'm Julie, the third blogger on this site, and I guess I'm a few days late with this introductory post. I'm also a junior at Tufts, also an Art History major (and maybe an English major as well, but that's a bit unclear at the moment), and also in love with all things art, style, and culture related. I really like finding big things in small moments, and generally I believe that we should all aim to make our lives a bit more like this picture:

Unlike Jess and Alex, I'm not currently in Somerville, since I'm spending the year abroad in London. Expect many, many London related posts, from the basics of the city's art and architecture to more specific discussions of fashion, street art and graffiti, European aesthetics, and the problems of having to go to class when there are so many other things to do instead. Since I'm here all year, I also plan to travel quite a bit, so there will eventually be posts about other cities as well. Yay Europe!
I love modern art. There are many reasons why, but I think two of my favorite artists epitomize most of them...Mark Rothko, because of his exploration of color (and the intersections and overlaps of colors), and his presentation of color as an almost tangible, physical space.

And Joseph Cornell, because of the ways in which he links art to the temporal, the fleeting, and the ordinary, somehow finding immortality in ephemera.

I think our blog will be pretty exciting, especially when we all start posting regularly, so please keep reading. There will be all kinds of adventures, some strange and wonderful things, and if nothing else, some pretty fantastic pictures.

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