Monday, October 13, 2008

Short Film: "Falling..." by Dustball

I really enjoy this short animated film by Dustin McLean, also known as Dustball. The wire figures' movements are so fluid- when they fall their bodies bend softly and bounce as they hit the ground, and when the hero creates a bouquet out of paper it's assembles like clay. The concept is cute as well as disheartening- a combination I like. He composed the music too, which I find whimsically beautiful, reminiscent of Yann Tiersen. Mr McLean says of the work, "I wrote and started animating this in 2004 when I felt sadness for not being able to be with the girl I loved. The good news is I eventually DID end up marrying her and we are living happily ever after, but this animation was never finished. During the summer of 2007 I set out to finish it. The first 50 seconds are the original animation, everything else is new." I was expecting a much more happy-go-lucky tale based on the description so the ending was a nice surprise. Enjoy!

You can find a lot of other films, animated and live-action, at his website. Most seem to be comedic, with the tour de force of course being the genius "Literal Take On Me" video. My god. Amazing.

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