Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Gerhard Glück: CloverfieldI stumbled across this imaginative and whimsical card publisher during my first trip to Bob Slate Stationary in Harvard Square, and now their merchandise has been popping up around Tübingen. German company Inkognito (don't worry, there's an English language option in the upper left corner) sells greeting cards, post cards, prints, and a variety of other fun things incorporating anthropomorphic animals and silly scenarios. A large number of artists design for the company, with each infusing a similar air of playfulness into their unique styles.

Remember those adorable paintings and the pig lamp in Amelie's room that sighed over her lovelorn-ness? Those are totally sold by Inkognito.

Michael Sowa: Sick Dog
Michael Sowa: Movie Goose
They're designed by Michael Sowa, a German artist who seems to be the company's most popular and prolific artist. He creates quixotic scenarios involving pudgy animals and familiar settings. I really like his surreal approach to cute things.

Michael Sowa: Bunny On BikeThere's also an extensive collection of postcards, something I am in the habit of collecting.

Michael Sowa: BirneMy favorite is this one, currently hanging on my wall. In German the word for light bulb is "Glühbirne", literally "glowing pear". One of my favorite words, actually.

Steven Appleby: Bad Hair DayAt the Inkognito website, you can browse by artist for their impressively large roster or by product type, including greeting cards, office supplies, bookmarks, and books. I'm not sure what a "panorama file" is but I sure want this one:

Ernst Kahl: Carp and TroutHere are some other designs that strike my fancy. Be sure to check it out for yourself! Aside from Bob Slate, I'm not sure where they're available in America, but you can order their merchandise online, or just enjoy the images on this here computer screen.

Soizick Meister: Celebration IslandKatsuhisa Toda: The Starting DayAnna Berkenbusch: Happy New YearQuint Buchholz: The Flight


Anonymous said...

You can get the Inkognito product in the USA from Image Connection.

gail said...

I also collect post cards and have many Michael Sowa cards. I get his calender every year also. I really enjoyed your post, and I love the pear/lightbulb - very interesting that the German word means "glowing pear"! Who is this by?

Alex said...

Gail: The lightbulb/pear image is also by Michael Sowa, actually!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex - I had done a search when I first saw your post, and before I read your response to me, and found that it was Michael Sowa's! Now I am trying to find one for my collection - not so easy! There is one on eBay, but I don't use eBay, another place in Oregon is now out of stock. Any ideas? I really want one!

gail said...

Oops, forgot to say "Thanks!" for the response and the information!

Kati/Inkognito said...

Hi Alex,
Although it's some time ago we just came across your interesting blog and lovely comment on the Inkognito products. Thank you so much for that! We are always happy to hear that our designs find pleased customers... If you are interested we would like to send you a copy of our panorama files?! Please send your address to:
Best regards, Kati (PR & Marketing)